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  • Wireless Zigbee Control System

Wireless Zigbee Control System

1.Wireless Zigbee Control System

Wireless ZIGBEE control lighting system use wireless ZIGBEE signal as communication program, through the Integrated concentrator,single light controller and cloud data platform for data transmission. The single light situation reflected to the cloud platform so that we can use the computer or handheld terminal to access the cloud platform of single lights,  It is very suitable for the application of the area of intelligent lighting control.

Wireless Zigbee Control System

2.Wireless Zigbee Control System--Function Introduction

1.Loop control and control box door open alarm, flood alarm

2.Loop current, voltage, power factor, power detection and so on

3.Single switch and dimmer

4.Single light current, voltage, power factor, power and temperature detection

5.According to the weather conditions and the actual light intensity, achieving the lights automatically open, off and dimming

6.Flexible lighting combination management, precise control of each light

7.Site management functions, preset management functions

8.Every day can be automatic open and close operation,It can guarantee the working day and holidays automatically  open and close operation according the different time and can be used for electrical equipment partition, sub-line management or separate management.

9.Integrated wireless meter reading function, lay the foundation for energy management

10.Monitor the opening, closing and brightness of the light to extending the effective life of the light, reducing the number of light replacement, saving resources and reducing the harmful gas pollution of the environment

3.Accessories introduced

(1)Integrated concentrator:

1.Radio frequency ZigBee & GPRS

2.Power supply AC single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V / DC.5 ~ 24V

3.The main function of the three-phase power or single-phase electric current (three), voltage (three), temperature, active, reactive power collection, with four circuit switch control

4.Management function to receive the server to send the strategy to achieve local / remote query, configuration, and manual real-time control, query

5.Wired interface RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet, reserved USB and industrial CAN bus interface

6.Wireless interface with ZigBee / GPRS / Wi-Fi / 3G two uplink (server) and two downlink (terminal) interface, easy integration

Integrated concentratorSingle light controller

(2)Single light controller:

1.Radio frequency:2.4G ISM Global free band(ZigBee)

2.Dimming mode:PWM Dimming、0-10V Dimming、Resistance dimming and so on

3.Network capacity:65535 Network node

4.Input power:AC 220V 50Hz(Two-phase three-wire system)/DC.12~75V

5.Output power:AC 220V 50Hz/DC.12~75V

6.The main function of current, voltage, temperature, active power, reactive power detection

7.Interface Type: RS232/RS485/TTL

(3)Software Interface:

Wireless Zigbee Control System

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