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  • Power Line Carrier Control System

Power Line Carrier Control System

1、Power Line Carrier Control System

Intelligent power line carrier lighting control system is composed of single light controller, centralized controller and cloud data platform. Each street light matching a single light controller and communicate with integrated concentrator through the power line carrier(PLC). Integrated concentrator communicate with cloud platform through 3G and GPRS technology. Each light situation is reflected to the cloud platform, so that we can use the computer or handheld terminal to view the current each light situation. 

System Functions:

Switch Control:Switching on and off any light or line or user-defined light

Dimming Control:Dimming any light or line or user-defined light

Status Inquiry: Inquirying the status of the street lights,electric current, voltage, electric consumption, etc.

Timing Control: Timing switching on and off the lights,timing dimming,etc.

System Display: Displaying the composition and structure of the street light system and important information related.

Failure Warning: Warning the control center when any street lights malfuction.

System Features:

Utilizing the power line to communicate: don't need to do additional wiring, easy construction,low cost.

Controlling the street lights by regions,lines or groups.

Auto switching on and off the lights by workday,holidays,seasons,etc.

Remote control can handle the weather change,accidents,hazzards and other emergencies.

Timing dimming reduces the energy consumption and emission,increases the lifespan of the light.

Automatical report of the light failures expedites the troubleshooting and guarantees the proper functioning of the lights.

Power Line Carrier Control System

2、Power Line Carrier Control System-Accessories is introduced

Integrated concentrator

Integrated concentrator is an important hinge in intelligent street light controlling system. It is fixed inside of the distribution box of street light system, and could carry out the inspection and controlling of street light through two-way communication of power carrier and street light single-light controller and two-way communication of communication mode like TCP/IP,GPRS,3G and street light master station. This product has applied ARM core microcontroller and embedded operating system. It is optimal choice of intelligent street light controlling system by simplicity of operator and easy installation.

Performance Parameter:

Quiescent dissipation:≤3.0W

Carrier modulation way: FSK+frequency hopping

Frequency of carrier communication: 330KHZ

Other communication interface: RS485, TCP/IP, GPRS

Operating temperature range: -40℃~85℃

Operating voltage: 220V(single phase) /380V(three phase)

Power Line Carrier Control System

Single light controller:

Single light controller is an important component of professional street light controlling system. Every street light needs one single light controller to carry out the communication with integrated controller. Its core chip uses power line carrier integrated circuit with speciallized design of hardware and software, which makes this product have feature of powerful,easy completing,wires free, and 

Function Introduction:

Communication function: Providing users with reliable communication performance by integrating power carrier communication modem.

Metering function: Integration single phase power metering circuit and reading the voltage, current, power and indicated energy value of the load at any time.

Controlling function: Providing all-constant power output and the availability of adjusting the light of street light to realize 30% to 60% power saving.

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