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  • Movable Power Station

Movable Power Station

1、Movable Power Station-Product Introduction

Movable Power Staion is based on the foundation of off-grid power system, integration the solar panels,batteries,controller and inverter,with the aim of convenient transportation and assembly.

Main function: Solar panels collect the daylight to generate electricity, which is stored in the batteries through the controller. Then via the inverter, DC input is turned into AC output. In this way, the movable power stations, on one side, can supply the necessary electricity of the home appliances, on the other side, with all the components in one concentrated body,fully consider the portability of the power system.

Category:Considering the portability, we mainly design two specifications of 500W and 1000W. By means of different specifications,they can meet different power needs of the household.  

500W Movable Power Station: Adopt 2 pcs of 250W  polycrystalline panels, 1 pc of 200AH Gel battery, 1pc of 500W controller-inverter. The electric generation per day is about 2KWH and the available power is 1.5KWH, which can easily satisfy the daily needs of lighting and entertainment. 

Movable Power Station

1000W Movable Power Station: Adopt 4 pcs of  250W polycrystalline panels, 2 pcs of 200AH Gel battery, 1 pcs of 1000W controller-inverter. The electric generation each day is about 4KWH and the available power is 3KWH, which can easily satisfy the daily lighting demands.

Movable Power Station

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