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  • Lighting Energy Management Contracting

Lighting Energy Management Contracting

1.Lighting Contract Energy Management

    Lighting Contract Energy Management(EMC) is a new type market energy-saving mechanism. The essence is pay the full cost of energy-saving projects by saving electricity costs.The energy-saving investment allows customers to use future energy savings for the plant and equipment upgrades to reduce operating costs. Energy-saving service companies promise energy-saving efficiency or contract the overall energy costs to provide customers with energy-saving services.

    Lighting management unit:It  don't need any investment to be able to complete the lighting system of energy-saving transformation, zero risk, considerable benefits; effectively reduce lighting costs.

    Energy - saving service company:It can recover the investment cost and share the corresponding profit return from the final saved electricity cost.

    Business Scope:Energy saving reconstruction of urban road lighting、Energy saving reconstruction of tunnel lighting system、Factory workshop lighting energy saving reconstruction.

Related energy-saving products:LED street light、LED cast light、LED tunnel light and so on.

Lighting Contract Energy Management

2.Project core objectives

Through the city public lighting energy-saving carbon reduction technology program investment and  contract energy management services, To achieve the goal of 60% energy saving in the transformation of lighting before the energy consumption benchmark. To achieve the recognition of the project energy-saving results, built urban road lighting energy-saving demonstration projects.

    Investment content and technical measures     

  • Using in line with national energy efficiency evaluation standards of LED light to replace the current high pressure sodium lights;
  • On the old non-compliance of the street lights to transform to meet the country's current road lighting standards;
  • Using intelligent chip, street lighting on the implementation of zoning time management;
  • Project energy saving source
  • Energy-saving service companies to carry out energy-saving transformation,under two sides set the electricity standard and deducting the electricity cost bill,The remaining savings for the project are shared by both the government and the energy service companies;
  • Additional investment
  • Help government improve the quality of public lighting facilities,update investment of road lighting in the old and bad street lights and achieve energy-saving emission reduction;
  • During the contract period, the project is free to monitor, maintain, upgrade technology, reduce maintenance costs and save financial expenses;
  • Lighting Contract Energy Management
3.Income distribution plan
Scheme Energy - saving benefit sharing years Share of government departments Energy - saving service companies share the ratio
First 6 years 0% 100%
Second 7 years 5% 95%
Third 8 years 10% 90%
Fourth 9 years 15% 85%
Fifth 10 years 20% 80%
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