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  • Grid Power Station

Grid Power Station

1、Off-grid Power Station-Product Introduction

During the daytime with the daily lighting conditions, the solar battery module produces electromotive force(EMF), Though the series and parallel circuits to form solar battery matrix,thus, the matrix voltage reach the input voltage requirement. And then, charge the battery by controller to store the power from solar photovoltaic system. In the night, the battery offer the input electricity to inverter,though the inverter changes the DC to AC and then supply to Power Distribution Box, in the end, power supply by the Power Distribution Box. The power supply conditions controlled by the controller to keep the battery working in normal.

Advantage It can fulfill the power supply requirement in any conditions.

Disadvantage The high investment for the device in the beginning, the battery's durable years was short, and the power system cannot diver the high starting current device(such as TV and computer).

Grid Power Station

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