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What kind of street lights should be chosen in the rural road?

2018-01-18 11:00:00 

Now go to the countryside, the village is beautiful, the road is neat, and it is not the image of the poor and backward in the original impression. This is mainly achieved by the state's policy of building a new countryside. The new socialist countryside with well-developed economy, well-equipped facilities, beautiful environment and harmonious civilization is truly implemented. At the same time, the rural road lighting has become more and more urgent for the villagers.

What kind of street lights should be chosen in the rural road?

And rural road lighting, the first choice is the natural solar street lamp. First of all, there are not so many high-rise buildings in the countryside, which will not block sunlight. Now the photoelectric conversion rate of solar street lamps is very high. The small power solar street lamps can completely meet the rural road lighting. Secondly, the solar street lamps do not need extra power supply, and the later maintenance, maintenance, and stable operation can save large amount of electricity cost for the rural finance. Again, the solar street lamp installation is relatively simple, high cost performance, and can be installed on a large scale to ensure the light rate in the village.

But if the rural city circuit lights are chosen, the amount of the project will be large, and the farmers' land will be needed to lay the cable, which will easily cause the contradiction with the villagers. The city circuit lights need to be connected to the cable to supply power, and the later electric charge is a big expense. It is a big problem that it is not able to pay the electric charge. In contrast, the city's circuit lights are more suitable for the lighting of urban roads.

What kind of street lights should be chosen in the rural road?

With the improvement of living standards in rural areas, the demand for road lighting is increasing. In order to meet the safety and convenience of rural residents to travel at night, the country began to vigorously carry out the rural solar street lighting road lighting project.
Kaich company timely launched several solar street lighting configuration schemes, which can provide sales and installation of solar street lamps according to the actual situation of rural areas. If your village needs to buy a solar street lamp, you can contact us directly. We will provide the solar street lamp configuration program for the vast rural users free of charge to provide you with the appropriate solar lighting products.

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