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Why is the LED street light experiencing light decay, how to solve it?

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Why is the LED street light experiencing light decay, how to solve it?
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LED street lights are not as bright as they are at the beginning. What is the reason? After a period of lighting, the LED product will have a lower light intensity than the original light intensity, and the reduced part is the light decay of the LED. Any LED product will produce light decay, including LED street lights.

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The LED road light decay is the weakening of the signal in the transmission of light. At the present stage, the LED products made by LED companies have different degrees of light decay. The high-power LED also has light decay, and the temperature has a direct relationship with the light decay. The chip quality, phosphor powder and packaging technology are also relevant.

There are many reasons for LED lamp light decay. The thermal resistance of the LED chip itself, the influence of silver glue, the heat dissipation effect of the substrate, and the colloid and gold wire are also related to light decay. The key issue is temperature. Although many LED street lamp manufacturers do not pay special attention to heat dissipation in low-priced products, the long-term use of these LED street lamp products will have higher light attenuation than LED products with heat dissipation.

The way to reduce the LED light fade is to ensure the quality of the product and the heat dissipation of the lamp head. High-tech enterprise Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. pays attention to the product quality of LED street lamp. The honeycomb LED lamp head independently researched and developed by the company has solved the heat dissipation requirements of LED street lamp. It adopts bionic design and upper and lower through holes. The honeycomb heat dissipation structure is beneficial to heat conduction, and is conducive to convection of air up and down, taking away excess heat, and the lamp life is naturally longer.

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