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What kind of LED street lamp is a good lamp

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What kind of LED street lamp is a good lamp
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There are a dazzling array of LED lamps on the market, so if you want to purchase LED street lamps, what kind of lamps are considered good lamps? Everyone usually thinks about the wattage, the high power consumption, and the light does not turn on. These common sense concepts have influenced everyone's choice of lamps and the comparison between good and bad.

It is easy for people to be led into a misunderstanding: the light will turn on when the wattage is large, and the cheaper the LED lamps of the same wattage, the better. This is also a confusion of concepts. Wattage and brightness are not necessarily equal. Whether the lamp is bright or not depends on the luminous efficiency, referred to as luminous efficiency.

What kind of LED street lamp is a good lamp

Luminous efficiency is the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by an electric light source to its electrical power, and the unit is lumens/watt (lm/W), which is the most important technical parameter for evaluating the electrical efficiency of an electric light source. Luminous flux refers to the amount of light radiation per unit time, expressed in lumens. The greater the luminous flux emitted by the unit of electric power used by the light source, the higher the efficiency of electrical energy conversion into light energy, that is, the higher the luminous efficiency.

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