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What is the reason for the rapid development of led street lights?

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What is the reason for the rapid development of led street lights?
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From the development to the present, led street lights have experienced several generations of product replacement, but energy-saving and high efficiency is passed down from generation to generation. In order to better adapt to the application of urban lighting, more and more LED street lights are adjusted from various aspects, product technology content Increasingly high, everyone's recognition is getting higher and higher.

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The cost reason, the old lights of high-pressure sodium lights and other old lights use more electricity than led street lights, and the service life is also inferior, led street lights can greatly reduce the cost of urban energy consumption. According to statistics, the annual electricity consumption of traditional city circuit lights has been maintained and the energy consumption is very amazing, accounting for a large proportion of the city's economic income.

Color temperature problem, the color temperature of led street light led products is about 3000K or more, and the color temperature of high pressure sodium light is only between 2000K and 2500K. The high color temperature makes the illumination of the LED street light greatly improved, giving more light to the environment and reducing the occurrence of the dead angle of the illumination.

Simple and convenient, simple construction reduces the laying of lines in the city and beautifies the urban landscape. Led street lights have different shapes, and they are also very suitable for the current development of urban lighting. Under normal circumstances, the basic pre-buried can quickly complete the installation of the entire streetlight project, saving a lot of time compared to the city power lights.

Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and production of led street lights. LED street lights have gradually become the main force of engineering lighting fixtures. The person in charge of the company said that in the future, LED street lights will have a broad market environment for a long time. Whether it is domestic or overseas, the LED street light project will bloom everywhere.

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