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What are the advantages of Kaich's LED street lamp holder products

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What are the advantages of Kaich's LED street lamp holder products
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The honeycomb heat-dissipating LED street light lamp holder independently developed by Kaich after shot blasting, can make the appearance more beautiful. After the treatment is completed, it will be sprayed, which can not only make the lamp have more color choices, but also improve the lamp. Overall corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

What are the advantages of Kaich's LED street lamp lamp holder products

The purpose of the upper and lower transparent heat dissipation structure of the LED street light lamp head is to accelerate air convection and achieve better heat dissipation. The hexagonal honeycomb structure adopts the principle of bionics, which has a stable structure and increases the heat dissipation area. The shape of the lamp is designed to be curved in order to better use the side wind to dissipate heat and protect the lens. The LED street lamp base adopts the design mode without power box, which can make the lamp meet the application in some occasions that do not need a built-in LED power supply, but also can meet the occasions where the LED power supply is needed through the external LED power supply. This design mode can minimize the lamp the quality of.

The lamp holder LED light source adopts a dot matrix small structure light source to improve the illumination effect of the lamp through secondary light distribution. At the same time, the light distribution lens adopts an optical grade glass lens, which has the advantages of durability, anti-aging, and high light transmittance. The lamp housing adopts integrated die-casting aluminum, durable, strong waterproof performance, the ground average illuminance is more than 20Lux, adopts customized polarized lens, the effective light efficiency of the light source is greater than 110lm/W, and the life span can reach 50,000 hours.

Kaich products include outdoor lighting facilities such as led street lights, courtyard lights, construction landscape street lights, various types of led city circuit lights, rural solar street lights and so on. The products are recognized by customers at home and abroad for their heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency and long life.

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