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To purchase LED street light products, first understand these terms

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To purchase LED street light products, first understand these terms
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The light source is the core part of the LED street lamp. In the LED light source, the frequently used terms are "light effect", "luminous flux" and "color temperature". The meanings of these three terms are introduced below:

To purchase LED street light products, first understand these terms

1. Light effect:

The ratio of the total luminous flux emitted by the light source to the electric power consumed by the light source is called the luminous efficiency of the light source, in lm/w (lumens/watt). The luminous efficiency is an important indicator for measuring an LED light source. The higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the light efficiency. The stronger the ability of the LED to convert electrical energy into light, the same reason, the more electrical energy is saved under the same light energy.

2. Luminous flux:

Luminous flux is the sum of the energy of the light emitted by the light source that can be received by human eyes. The unit is lm (lumens). The luminous flux is detected by the detection equipment (Goniophotometer/Integrating sphere). The light efficiency can be calculated with the power of the light source. The luminous flux can directly reflect the amount of light energy emitted by the lamp. However, the large luminous flux of the lamp does not necessarily mean that the brightness of the LED will be high. The judgment of brightness requires many considerations, including the material of the object and the reflection coefficient.

3. Color temperature:

Color temperature is an important parameter that reflects the color of LED light source. People have slowly changed from the era of pursuing high color temperature in the earliest period to the era of pursuing warm white, which is close to natural light, because the high "brightness" brought by the earliest high color temperature has been lost. Defeated by the dazzling cold white light, people are constantly pursuing more comfortable lighting effects.

Through a simple introduction, I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the basic terms of LED street lights. When buying products in the future, you can better distinguish the performance of LED light sources and choose LED street light products that meet your requirements.

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