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To choose the correct LED street light supplier

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To choose the correct LED street light supplier
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LED street lights are getting more and more popular,Many street lamp manufacturers are constantly innovating products, in order to take a chance in the unpredictable market trend.  What kind of LED street light can better meet your needs?

To choose the correct LED street light supplier

Some customers will choose to find cheap LED street light products from the market, in order to save money, and thus ignore the product quality.Ignore the  quality problems in the later stage, whether it is timely after sale, whether the quality is reliable, and the light decay rate is. Maybe you are buying a 30-watt LED street light. After 2 years, it will become 20 watts of power, which directly affects the lighting effect. Therefore, buy LED street light products, do not only consider the price, quality is the key!

Shandong Kaichuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with different lenses for LED street lamps according to different road conditions, and reasonable use of each spot to achieve good illumination effect, using computer software to simulate the distribution effect of light illumination, let you more Intuitively see the actual results after the completion of the post-installation。

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