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The Kaich solar led lights in the food court

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The Kaich solar led lights in the food court
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Tianqi food court, niushan road, Linzi district, lots of people and food's stall, to look around is Kaich solar LED street lights, this square has few obstructions, the solar light is lower cost than electric supply street lights, the food court has good business in the evening, Kaich LED solar street light is indispensable.

Lighting equipment, not too bright, Kaich solar street light is the first choice of outdoor lighting,is the best choice of the food plaza lighting.

The Kaich solar led lights in the food court

In the crowd, safety first. Kaich solar LED Street light is very safe products, Low voltage and reliable running.

In addition, Kaich solar LED Street light has the following advantages:

1, energy saving, use the natural light, and inexhaustible.

2, environmental protection, comply with the requirement of environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation.

3, safety, because do not use alternating current (ac), and use the battery save solar energy, through the low voltage direct current (dc) is converted into light energy, is the most safe power supply.

4, high technology content, the core device of Kaich solar LED Street light is intelligent controller, the brightness can adjust by people or the various environments.

5, long service life, the installation of low cost, easy maintenance. Shandong Kaich Optical& Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, the production of solar LED street lamp lighting is suitable for all kinds of public area, saving a large number of national energy and resource, continue to lower management cost. The solar LED Street light is leading the future development trend of lighting field.