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The future trend of the city's LED street lights

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The future trend of the city's LED street lights
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In 2019, the urban road reconstruction has been slowly carried out. With the introduction of relevant urban road lighting standards, road LED transformation will be more and more, then what is the trend of future commercial LED street lights? Let's analyze and discuss together:

led street light

1. In the future, the trend of LED street lamps in the city should be stable and reliable, because only in this way can the after-sales maintenance cost be reduced, which is very suitable for future urban-level contract energy replacement projects, so the future low-cost lamps will not be large-scale. The city-level change of lights dominated.

2. The light performance of the future LED streetlights will also develop more and more towards the light distribution direction. At the same time, in the high-efficiency effect, it will not be blindly pursued too much, and will find a balance point between light efficiency and price.

3. In the future, the mains LED street lights will be equipped with additional functions, such as light control, time control, and Internet of Things. This will not only improve the added value of the lamps, but also meet the development needs of smart cities in the future.

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