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Ten-year street lightmanufacturers talk about how to choose solar street lightconfiguration

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Ten-year street lightmanufacturers talk about how to choose solar street lightconfiguration
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Solar street lights are increasingly indispensable in the construction of urban towns and villages, mainly because of their outstanding role in energy saving. However, the price of solar street lights sold in the market is not equal. The price of a solar street light is from about 1,000 yuan to five or six thousand yuan. This is mainly due to the different configurations of solar street lights. Then, how to choose the configuration of solar street lights, a brief introduction of the ten-year street light manufacturer Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic.

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First of all, the configuration of solar street lights must first determine the power of the lights. Generally, 30-60 watts of rural road lighting is enough; urban expressways need more than 60 watts. LED lights with more than 120 watts are not recommended to be powered by solar energy. The configuration is too high, the cost is high, and there are various problems in later applications.

Then select the appropriate panel and battery according to the power of the light and the number of hours of sunshine. This is to obtain the parameters through scientific calculations. It will not be described here, and it is very complicated.

Then adjust according to the duration of the illumination and the full power operation, in order to get the appropriate solar street light configuration.

Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic has a professional solar street light design and production team, which can provide customers with solar street light configuration according to their needs. It is the best choice for you to purchase solar street lights.

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