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Summer solar LED street lights common problems and solutions

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Summer solar LED street lights common problems and solutions
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Summer solar LED street lights common problems and solutions

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Seeing that it is going to summer, summer is a cloudy and rainy season. Long cloudy days and drizzle have caused great troubles for solar LED street lights, mainly in the following aspects:

1. The problem of tilting the pole. Some solar LED street lights will appear tilted or even dumped after a period of use. This is because the foundation of the street light is weak, that is, the depth of the foundation is not enough, or the soil quality changes. In this case, solar LED street lamp maintenance personnel should be corrected in time. Strong winds in summer, especially on the coast. LED street lights may be exposed to lamps or panels. As a public facility, this is a great safety hazard. It is not only before the strong wind comes, but also the maintenance and overhaul of solar LED street lights regularly to eliminate potential safety hazards. Check the luminaire, the battery board for shaking, and whether the pole is tilted. If such a situation occurs, it should be handled in time.

2. Check the waterproof performance of solar LED street lights. Summer rain is abundant, although rainwater does not enter streetlights, but condensation of water vapor can also cause short circuits. The controller of the solar LED street lamp is at the bottom of the lamp post, and the door valve is opened, and the joints can be inspected in time to see if there is water seepage, tape peeling, poor contact, and the like. If such a situation occurs, it should be rectified in time. The controller of the luminaire may not be detected at any time. If a short circuit occurs, it should be maintained in time to avoid affecting normal lighting.

3. Battery problem. In the summer, the performance of the battery will be affected, and the performance will change for the used battery. When the battery is tested, the capacity cannot meet the requirements of use and should be replaced in time to avoid affecting normal work.

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