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Solar street lights are suitable for use in hot summer

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Solar street lights are suitable for use in hot summer
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Kaichuang Solar street lights are based on LED street lights, plus solar panels and batteries, to achieve lighting with green and healthy solar resources without consuming city electricity and saving energy.

Shandong Kaichuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to research and production of green and energy-saving LED street lamps and LED floodlights.Solar street lights crystalline silicon solar panels have peak conversion efficiency under the continuous illumination of the sun, and can store three days of electricity per day, experiencing the traditional city circuit lights. Its hexagonal honeycomb top and bottom through-hole LED energy-saving street lamps have strong heat dissipation and performance. 


 Kaichuang LED street light can save more than 60% of electric energy compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamp. It is a perfect substitute for traditional street lighting and uses solid-state light source to protect the environment. The Kaichuang brand LED street lamp is selected and equipped with Kaichuang intelligent control system. The theoretical data can save 7.4 million kWh per year, save more than 5,000 tons of standard coal, save more than 24.9 million tons of water, and effectively reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions.

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