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Solar LED street lamp debugging skills

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Solar LED street lamp debugging skills
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The debugging of solar LED street lights during the installation process is very important, so what are the tips that can be applied in the system debugging process of solar LED street lights? Let's learn about the tips about LED street lights in system debugging.

Before the solar LED street lights are installed in the factory, a comprehensive test must be carried out to see if the solar LED lamps can be lit, so as to avoid being discovered after the hoisting is completed, which increases the cost of installation and commissioning.


1. Time control function setting. According to the daily lighting time designed in the design plan, set the time control point according to the instructions of the controller. The lighting time every night should not be higher than the design value, equal to or less than the design value.
2. Light control function simulation. If it is in the daytime, after wiring, you can use opaque objects to completely shield the facing surface of the solar cell array (or remove the battery assembly wiring on the controller), according to the delay time mentioned in the controller manual (usually 5min), See if the lamp can be turned on automatically after the corresponding time has passed. If it can be lit, it means that the light control switch is functioning normally. If it can't be lighted, it means the light control switch function is invalid, and the controller setting needs to be rechecked.

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