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Smart street lights help old community renovation projects

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Smart street lights help old community renovation projects
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With the passage of time, problems such as obsolete public facilities in old communities, improper maintenance of equipment such as monitoring and street lights, and low efficiency of operation and management have gradually emerged, which have seriously affected the lives of residents. The transformation and upgrading of old communities not only empowers urban renewal, but also enhances the happiness of residents' lives. In view of the problem of old community renovation, in addition to ensuring the complete and renewal of basic infrastructure, it is also necessary to adopt smarter and smarter methods on this basis to provide residents and operation and maintenance personnel with a convenient and flexible community environment and working environment.

Smart street lights help old community renovation projects

The solution is to first use the smart community platform as a carrier to connect various devices with wireless communication technology to build a smart community street lamp integrated management system. The system can monitor and control application modules such as environmental monitoring, video monitoring, and the working status of each street lamp in the community to realize remote and intelligent operation and management of street lamps, so as to achieve the effect of smart community operation.

The smart lighting function of the smart street light pole solution has multiple control effects such as automatic intelligent control, flexible local control, one-button scene control, and centralized visual control, providing high-quality and low-energy multi-scene lighting for the community. At the same time, it supports automatic adjustment of the brightness and time of smart street lights according to traffic flow, personnel flow and environment, etc., to meet the needs of residential lights and save energy and reduce emissions.

In terms of street lamp operation and management, bid farewell to traditional manual maintenance and inspection management methods, and realize remote viewing of the maintenance records and lighting time of smart street lamps. Automatic alarm reminders are supported in case of damage, theft, etc., so that operation and maintenance personnel can timely and accurately The problem was discovered and solved, which effectively improved the work efficiency of operation and maintenance personnel.

By installing cameras on smart street lights, the community can be monitored 24 hours a day. At the same time, it is linked with the one-key alarm function. When residents encounter emergencies or emergencies, they can use this function to contact the public security department or rescue center personnel in time, and send location information directly to the management platform for rescuers in time. Rushing to the scene provided fast and accurate information.

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