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On the selection of city circuit lights and solar street lamps

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On the selection of city circuit lights and solar street lamps
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As we all know, nowadays LED lighting technology has matured. Many occasions have begun to use LED lighting instead of traditional lighting. The advantages of LED lighting's energy saving, green and controllable are also gradually highlighted. The conventional outdoor LED lighting products have 2 power supply modes: solar power supply and city power supply. So how to choose the power supply mode becomes an important consideration for customers.
1, in the new road, if it is in the urban areas and suburbs, because the power supply line is difficult to cover or need to invest a greater cost, so we can choose the solar power lighting, power supply for solar street lamp has the advantages of simple installation, the installation location is not restricted, can be easily installed in electric well covered the occasion, and town and suburb of city road lighting lighting requirements not so high, so it is very suitable for medium and small power solar LED street lighting.

On the selection of city circuit lights and solar street lamps
2, in the city of existing roads, or the city lamp power supply circuit, power supply circuit for existing roads and the foundation have been perfect, only need to modify the simple realization of LED lighting, enhance the lighting effect, and have certain requirements on the city road lighting effect, so choose LED street in the city of electricity the power of road lighting.
In short, in the choice of solar power or electric power supply, should consider the installation environment and facilities, but also consider the lighting needs, considering all the 3 points, and then through the lighting design reasonable, in order to meet the lighting requirements, reduce project cost, improve competitiveness.
Kaich company has professional technical force, to provide customers with professional road lighting, outdoor lighting design and analysis, to meet customer requirements under the proposed professional advice better for customers, enhance the competitiveness of their products, and the company is committed to the wisdom of the city of professional lighting design, production and installation led, outdoor road lighting, landscape lighting and other LED products with independent intellectual property rights, the company relies on products and technology, rely on services to occupy the market, take the customer as the basic starting point, providing excellent products and lighting design service for the customer, let the green, energy-saving lighting better service for the city.
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