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Led street light - the bright messenger on the way home

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Led street light - the bright messenger on the way home
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Led street light - the bright messenger on the way home

led street light

Walking the night road in the countryside will always bring a kind of inexplicable fear. Twenty years ago, in the middle and junior high school, the road to the home was surrounded by corn fields. At night, I went home from study. Although several students came back together, just a few kilometers seemed to me to be particularly long. At the time, the lighting of rural roads was a luxury, not to mention the installation of energy-efficient LED street lights.

With the development of China's economy, the state has introduced a variety of preferential policies for the construction of new rural areas. The lighting of rural roads in rural areas has become one of the key construction projects. Kaichuang seized the opportunity to establish Shandong Kaichuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in 2008, and developed a variety of LED street lamps, solar street lamps, simple solar street lamps, solar integrated lamps, led floodlights suitable for rural areas, and with its stable quality. The professional after-sales and distinctive style have won the favor and praise of all walks of life.

When you walk into the countryside again, the main secondary roads, leisure places, and farmhouses in various towns and villages, the street lights of Kaichuang have become a bright scene in the countryside. On the way home, there is no longer fear of darkness.

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