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LED street lights and smart lighting systems are widely used

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LED street lights and smart lighting systems are widely used
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Since the LED street lamp uses a new type of luminescent material, the luminous efficacy of the whole lamp is greatly improved compared with the traditional luminaire, and has been promoted and used by more and more countries and cities. With the popularity of LED street lamps, smart lighting systems have emerged as the times require. Its technology has matured and is increasingly accepted and recognized by the market due to its characteristics of energy saving and consumption reduction.

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According to reports, Aberdeen in the UK and Kelowna in Canada recently announced plans for LED street light replacement and smart lighting system installation. In addition, the Malaysian government has indicated that it will convert all street lights in the country into LED street lights from September 2019. Asian cities have also been pushing the installation of LED street lights. The Malaysian government announced the implementation of LED street lights nationwide. The government said that the replacement project will be launched in September 2019, and the current energy cost will save about 50%.

Since its establishment in 2009, Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the design, development and manufacture of LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED landscape lights, intelligent sensor control LED street lights and complete solar street light systems. The products are energy efficient and have been selected for energy efficiency in Shandong Province. "The leader", as a high-tech enterprise, will fully promote the development of global city lighting projects.

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