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LED street light industry picks up in the second quarter

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LED street light industry picks up in the second quarter
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From the demand side, the order volume of LED street lights has rebounded significantly since the second quarter, the demand in the dedicated market has risen, and the demand in the commercial market, advertising media, road lighting, and plant lighting has rebounded. Global LED street lamp shipments continue to grow, hitting a record high, driving the volume of LED chips. Chinese LED street lamp manufacturer Kaich street lamp lighting products also continue to receive production orders from customers.

LED street light industry picks up in the second quarter

From the supply side, the industry is in a process of gradual clearance of production capacity. Overseas, LG shut down its LED chip production line and Cree sold its LED business; domestically, the epidemic has accelerated the pressure on small and medium-sized manufacturers to lose money, and outdated production capacity has continued to withdraw. Kaich Optoelectronics has been following the development and changes of the market, adjusting the industrial structure, combining environmental protection and security inspection, and upgrading production to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers for LED street light products.

In addition, affected by the epidemic, some factories in the LED industry chain at home and abroad have problems such as shutdowns, capacity constraints, and logistics and transportation. Superimposed on the rise of upstream raw material prices, the production cost of the industry chain has increased, and the supply and demand gap in the industry chain has expanded.

The demand of the traditional LED street lamp industry continues to pick up, and the traditional LED street lamp business is ushering in an inflection point of upward economic prosperity.

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