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LED street light head new - Kaich module preheating

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LED street light head new - Kaich module preheating
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Kaich is a company that keeps pace with the times in led street light. In order to better and more comprehensively adapt to the market demand, Kaich designed LED modules and Kaich lights to reflect each other, all adopt hexagonal honeycomb structure and have good heat dissipation performance.

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The integrated module consists of four parts, namely the lens part, the light  source, the heat sink and the waterproof plug. The core technology of the integrated module is the design of the lens. We use the COB light  source + integrated glass lens to make the module, and meet the customer's requirements through different forms of light  distribution.

Die-casting with ADC12 aluminum alloy material. The basic structure uses the company logo honeycomb structure. Advantages: The heat dissipation effect is good, and the structure design can be arbitrarily made. Kaich LED module street light is a multi-functional LED light based on modular and flexible design. It can match single module and integrated module, professional light  distribution, design and development of various light  distribution angle lenses. Different light types match different The type of lens can meet the needs of more road types and different illumination sections.

Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the spontaneous production capacity of integrated modules, so it will be flexible in the later storage, and can be quickly put into production according to the customer's private order.

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