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kaichuang photoelectric LED street lights strictly control the quality

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kaichuang photoelectric LED street lights strictly control the quality
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LED street lights as a long-term outdoor LED lighting product, has to withstand long-term wind, sun and rain, Product quality must be guaranteed. 

In order to have good waterproof performance, good accessories must be selected. It is worth mentioning that for the fine and key accessories, the chip and lens combination parts of each LED street lamp of Kaichuang have independently designed and developed the waterproof rubber strip with excellent sealing performance. The back cover of the lamp, the back cover of the power box, and the threading hole in the power box are respectively designed with waterproof rubber strips and waterproof plugs. Start with the details, design and develop in all aspects, and make the second pass of waterproof.


Every LED street light that went out from Kaichuang will have a 48-hour waterproof spray test and a 72-hour aging test after the production is completed. Ensure that the LED street light is normally lit and does not leak water, ensuring 100% pass rate of LED street light products.

China LED street lamp manufacturer Shandong Kaichuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has many years of LED street lamp research and development, manufacturing experience, quality assurance, advanced technology, providing LED street lamp complete waterproof solution, can provide LED street lamp custom service.

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