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Kaichuang photoelectric honeycomb lamp birth

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Kaichuang photoelectric honeycomb lamp birth
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Kaichuang photoelectric honeycomb lamp birth

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"Innovation is a powerful driving force for enterprise development." As soon as we walked into the Kaichuang Optoelectronics Management Center, we saw the Kaichuang logo and this sentence paid attention to us.

The society is developing at a speed uncontrollable by human beings, and we must constantly innovate in order to be eliminated by the society and not to be abandoned by Kaichuang. It is for this reason that Kaichuang has placed “innovation” at the top of its core values and spurred every Kay Chuang to innovate.

In December 2012, Kaichuang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. met with a lighting manufacturer in Jiangsu in the technical exchange with South Korea. From the preliminary understanding of the influence of the structure of the lamp on the heat dissipation of the lamp, after some investigation and research, it was found that the structure of the lamp is really reliable for the lamp. It played a major role. Since then, Kaichuang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has started research and development innovation on the heat dissipation of lamps. The traditional luminaires are all fin-fin heat-dissipating structures (that is, a lot of fins are built behind a heat-dissipating bottom plate), and then the lamp beads are placed on the bottom plate according to the requirements of the light source. Such a luminaire structure is not only wasteful of materials, limited in shape, heavy in weight, and high in cost. And the heat dissipation performance is not good, the installation is not convenient, so the development of new lamps is imminent.

After nearly a month of pre-market research and research on related technical solutions, Niu Chunlei, manager of R&D department of Kaichuang Optoelectronics Technology, started research and development work, and included the main structure, shape, heat dissipation method and lighting materials of the lamps in the R&D project. . Because it focuses on solving the heat dissipation of the luminaire, the cattle manager decided to abandon the back fin heat dissipation structure of the traditional luminaire according to the principle of natural convection of the air and adopt the through hole heat dissipation structure. In the initial stage of the project, in order to maximize the area of the vent hole contact air in the same area of the luminaire and to ensure that the lamp has sufficient mechanical strength, the cattle manager separately arranged and combined the through hole pattern on the manuscript paper to finally determine the honeycomb six sides. Shaped heat sink body structure. The main structure of the vent hole is determined, and then the shape structure of the luminaire is determined. After various investigations and researches, it is determined that the shape of the rectangular lamp shell has a relatively neutral shape structure, and the lamp shell of this shape has a wide range of uses. It can basically meet the requirements of the public's styling. Of course, on this basis, we will also design other shape-shaped lamp shells to meet the market's diverse needs. The new luminaire adopts an integrated light source instead of a single light source, thereby reducing the accident of dead lights caused by frequent welding of the lamp beads, improving the production efficiency of the luminaire, and adopting a silicone glass lens with higher transmittance and better uniformity, thereby improving The quality and performance of the new luminaire.

At the end of January 2013, the initial phase of the project has been completed. At the beginning of February, the project entered the design stage. Since then, the cattle manager has been stationed in the product R&D center, working with the stylist and structural designer to work on the design of the new luminaire. - From graphic design to three-dimensional design. During the design period, technicians were invited from outside to the company to carry out relevant guidance work, which greatly improved the appearance and performance of the new lamps. After two months of design modification work, the appearance and structure design of the new lamps The draft was finalized, and the product model was made accordingly. The preliminary aesthetic and thermal tests were carried out on the model to achieve the intended purpose. The integrated light source and lens were confirmed by instrument testing and actual testing.

So far, the R&D and design work of the new luminaire has come to an end, and the R&D project has entered the specific implementation stage. After many comparisons and inspections, the company has contacted a Ningbo company to use the special mold making software to complete the final work before the mold opening of the new luminaire design. Then, the new luminaire was opened, and after 50 days of tempering, the new luminaire was completed on May 12th.

Kaichuang honeycomb LED lamps were born, the new lamps were declared national patent protection, and Kaichuang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. continued to work hard on the R&D and innovation of lamps to provide better products and services for the majority of partners.

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