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Kaichuang LED street lights will make their mark on the international stage in 2021

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Kaichuang LED street lights will make their mark on the international stage in 2021
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Since the second half of 2020, the international market has rebounded, and China has opened its doors to many countries in conjunction with the development of the epidemic, and policy support has been provided.China Shandong Kaich an LED street lamp manufacturing company, has always been a high-quality supplier for international buyers. From Europe, France, to Asia and Japan, and then to many countries in Africa, Shandong Kaich has been ordering LED street light products.


According to customs statistics, in the first eight months of 2020, the total value of my country's import and export of goods trade was 20.05 trillion yuan, a decrease of 0.6% compared with the same period last year (the same below), and the rate of decline narrowed by 1.1 percentage points compared with the previous seven months. Among them, exports were 11.05 trillion yuan, an increase of 0.8%; imports were 9 trillion yuan, a decrease of 2.3%; the trade surplus was 2.05 trillion yuan, an increase of 17.2%.

In August, in RMB, my country’s foreign trade imports and exports were 2.88 trillion yuan, an increase of 6%. Among them, exports were 1.65 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.6%, and continued to set new highs during the year; in dollar terms, exports increased by 9.5% year-on-year, 2.3 percentage points higher than the previous value.

September’s new foreign trade regulations: the certificate of origin is available; Bangladesh and other countries can apply for preferential certificate of origin online; the EU extends the “suspension of import duties and value-added tax on medical supplies” policy; the port of Beirut resumes 100% operational capacity; China For the first time, the Russian train connects the Philippines.

Just after the Spring Festival of 2021, the production workshop of Kaich is busy. A large number of high-quality LED street lamps have been stacked and are ready to be exported abroad. According to Katron's export manager Guo Ruixue, Kaich will work hard to grasp this year. Good export momentum, continue to innovate product technology, take advantage of the trend, and strive to become a more shining brand on the international stage.

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