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High-power module lighting, IoT LED street light new product plus push

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High-power module lighting, IoT LED street light new product plus push
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Recently, LED street light manufacturer Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is producing a batch of high-power module lights. This is a new product launched by Kaich Optical & Electronic this year. It is a high-power high-end light. It is a New LED street lights with many advantages.

led module street light

This module LED street light fixture consists of 6 LED modules. The single module uses 28 LUMILEDS 5050 light sources. The whole light power can reach 240W, and the actual lighting effect is about 158lm/w.

This light housing is a new product independently designed by Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic. The main feature is that the power supply compartment is enlarged in size, and the driving power supply, IoT single-light controller, fuse, and light-controlled switch light accessories can be installed at the same time. In the warehouse, the safety factor of the luminaire is improved, and the installation of the luminaire is more convenient. It conforms to the requirements of the current IoT smart street light system, and can be said to be an IoT luminaire. In addition, this module light arm has the function of adjusting the angle to meet the requirements of customer installation.

Kaich's high-power LED street lights are constantly being updated, and will fully meet the needs of urban lighting and road lighting renovation projects for both light efficiency and energy saving.


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