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Kaich optical circuit lamp maintenance helps illuminate the way home

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Kaich optical circuit lamp maintenance helps illuminate the way home
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Weiwu Road is the main road connecting Linzi City and the Economic and Chemical Industry Zone. There is a lot of traffic to and from get off work every day. Recently, Xindian Sub-district Office has carried out on-site inspections of roads in the area under its jurisdiction and made statistics on road surface conditions and street lights. During the inspection of Weiwu Road, it was found that many street lights were broken and not bright. Considering that the location of Weiwu Road is relatively important, the leaders of the street office paid great attention to it and requested replacement and maintenance as soon as possible.

Kaich optical circuit lamp maintenance helps illuminate the way home

Kaich is the street lamp maintenance cooperation unit of Xindian Sub-district Office. The company attaches great importance to this. After learning the relevant situation, it has fully understood the current status of the road and the load load of the street lamp line, and has worked out that it can meet the line load. It can also achieve the best lighting effect. In the shortest time, the street lights were replaced and the lines were repaired, which was praised and recognized by the people.

Kaich is a company that focuses on the R&D, production and installation of outdoor lighting fixtures such as LED street lights and solar street lights. LED street lights have been selected into the provincial energy-saving promotion list. The company now has a design and development team of 20 people. LED street lights and solar street lights have passed UL, CE, RoSH , CQC certification and obtain utility model, appearance patent certificate. The company has a high-power LED lamp production line, equipped with plate bending machines, panel cutting machines, large spray booths, engineering installation vehicles and transportation vehicles, various types of LED street lamp installation professional machinery, and strong street lamp production capacity.

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