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Kaich Optical & Electronics welcomes the 5G era of LED street lights

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Kaich Optical & Electronics welcomes the 5G era of LED street lights
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China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 5G license in June, which means that the Internet of Things era is getting closer and closer to us. Shandong Kaich is committed to the development of high-tech, keeping pace with the times and taking the lead in investing in the Internet of Things street lighting system. High-efficiency LED street lamps, in addition to providing high-quality lighting, enjoy energy-saving benefits. In particular, intelligent LED street lights have extremely high expansion. In the future, electric vehicle chargers, environmental monitors, video surveillance, information billboards, etc. can be added according to requirements. The function, through the IoT Internet of Things, can be connected in an efficient manner, collect information and provide multiple services, which will be one of the important infrastructures in the development of smart cities.

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In the past two years, the concept of intelligent lighting has added humanity to LED street lights. While controlling the street lights, fire sensors, cameras, information displays and even human-computer interaction systems can be added. On the one hand, local information is transmitted to the monitoring office through the network through these sensors; on the other hand, various types are transmitted through the monitoring center. Data is sent to the LED street light to deliver the information. Smart lighting is not only a lighting system, but also a system of information networks and data through a sense of light, for data collection, distribution and interaction.

Kaich Optical & Electronics will be committed to the development of the Internet of Things system, making LED street lights more intelligent and smarter, providing more convenience for our lives. Not only in terms of lighting, but also to provide a more diversified direction for the development of our smart city.


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