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Kaich Optical & Electronic pays attention to R&D and innovation to promote the development of LED street lamp projects

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Kaich Optical & Electronic pays attention to R&D and innovation to promote the development of LED street lamp projects
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        Enterprise innovation is the foundation for achieving sustainable development. At the same time, R&D and innovation are the inexhaustible motive force to promote the development of enterprises, and also determine the future development direction and scale of business development. Since the establishment of LED street light manufacturer Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., it has been constantly standardizing its own development path, linking its own development reality, examining development strategies, increasing independent innovation awareness, improving independent innovation capability, and making LED street lamps with their own characteristics and excellent quality. Products, let yourself be at the forefront of industry development.

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        Since innovation is necessary, it must be creative. Idea innovation is the soul of innovation and one of the important engines for the development of enterprises. In recent years, Kaich Optical & Electronic Co., Ltd. has more and more employees with bachelor degree or above. It pays attention to absorbing high-quality and high-quality talents, continuously injects new strength into the company, and regularly organizes employees to train and enhance the professional knowledge of LED street lamp products. Nowadays, the company has a professional R&D team. Every year, new LED street lights, LED flood lights and LED landscape lights are introduced to the market, which are highly praised by domestic and foreign markets.

        At the same time of development, we do not forget the protection of patents. The new products of LED street lamps have their own new technologies. The protection awareness of independent intellectual property rights is not only the protection of the self, but also the development of the industry. Patent declaration work.

        Maintaining advanced and high-quality LED street lighting products and strong innovation capabilities, we can continue to promote the development of Kaich. While winning the domestic market, we will let Kaich products go abroad and participate in the competition in the international market to build a quality brand. Show our Chinese made!

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