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Kaich LED street light, LED flood light always insist on using glass lens

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Kaich LED street light, LED flood light always insist on using glass lens
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LED street lamps and LED flood lights have been used more and more in outdoor lighting in recent years, and lenses are the key components of their light distribution. Common lenses on the market are generally glass lenses and PC lenses, each of which has its own advantages and features.

led glass lens

The glass lens has high light transmittance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, salt and alkali resistance, and no yellowing aging phenomenon, but the production process is complicated and the price is relatively higher.

The PC lens production process is simple, the price is low, and the waterproof effect is relatively better. Most of the low-cost LED street lights and LED flood lights on the market use PC lenses. However, when the PC lens is used for a long time, it will cause yellowing and aging, which will cause the light to decay.

Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that develops and produces LED street lamps and LED flood lights. Its products have always adhered to the use of glass lenses, which is to see the high transmittance, high temperature resistance and non-yellowing aging of glass lenses. Features. Recently, the company has independently developed a splicing glass lens suitable for use in modular luminaires, filling the gap in the market.

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