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Kaich LED flood lights enters the campus training center

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Kaich LED flood lights enters the campus training center
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Recently, Kaich Company successfully completed the prefabricated construction project of more than 4,000 square meters of the Intelligent Manufacturing Training Center of Zibo Industrial School. Kaichuang people are in the same boat, fighting for the day and night, and once again proved their strong strength with practical actions!

This project is coming to an end. The lighting in the training center has not get approval by the school leaders.  The original design plan was to use decorative lampshades with high-power energy-saving lamps. After installing samples on site, the effect was very general. Later, Kaich produced After taking samples of T2 flood lights and installing them in place, the school leaders were very satisfied after seeing the results, and then replaced all the lighting fixtures in the venue with T2 floodlights independently developed and designed by Katron, a total of more than 50 sets, all of which used 24 5050. SMD light source, first-line brand MEAN WELL power supply, are all installed in place now.


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