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Kaich introduces LED street light fixture knowledge

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Kaich introduces LED street light fixture knowledge
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The LED is a light emitting diode and is an abbreviation for a light-emitting diode. It is made of a compound containing gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), and the like. It is a type of semiconductor diode that converts electrical energy into light energy. LED street lighting manufacturer Kaich Optical & Electronic for your knowledge related to science.

led street light

LED lights Compared with incandescent bulbs and xenon lights, LEDs are characterized by low operating voltages, some only a few volts; small operating currents, some with only a few milliamps to illuminate; impact and shock resistance Good, high reliability, long life; can easily modulate the intensity of luminescence by modulating the current intensity.

Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of LED outdoor lighting. The self-developed honeycomb cooling structure effectively solves the heat dissipation problem of LED street lighting. Like a normal diode, a light-emitting diode consists of a PN junction and also has unidirectional conductivity. Solving the heat dissipation problem is an effective direct means to improve the conversion efficiency of electric energy.

Luminous efficiency is the ratio of luminous flux to electrical power, typically in lm/W. Luminous efficiency represents the energy-saving characteristics of the light source, which is an important indicator for measuring the performance of modern light sources. Its advantages: high brightness, low operating voltage, low power consumption, miniaturization, easy to match with integrated circuits, simple drive, long life, impact resistance, and stable performance.


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