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Kaich Economic Street Light Introduction

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Kaich Economic Street Light Introduction
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With the development of LED lights, people have more and more requirements for LED lights, from basic single lighting requirements to higher quality lighting, such as solar lighting, intelligent lighting, etc., LED lighting from design, style The functions and functions also need to be continuously upgraded to meet the changes in the society's lighting needs.


The economical street lights of Kaich Optical & Electronic Co., Ltd. are such lights that have been produced through detailed market research, careful design and specialized production under the circumstances of such social needs. The main features are:

First, common to commercial and solar lighting. A major feature of this luminaire is the large power supply bay design, which can accommodate lithium batteries and controllers for solar lighting systems, as well as constant current power supplies and sensors for commercial lighting. Meet the needs of lighting in different situations.

Secondly, with a single light source design, both 3030 light source and 5050 light source can be used, so that the power of the lamp can be used from 30 watts to 100 watts, which can expand the scope of use and reduce the cost of all aspects, so that this LED lights are more competitive in the market.

Third, professional design, this LED luminaire has strong design elements, can meet the various functional requirements on the basis of aesthetics, honeycomb through-hole heat dissipation structure, square appearance, making it more beautiful in road lighting applications.

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