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Island Paradise for Solar LED Street Lights - Papua New Guinea

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Island Paradise for Solar LED Street Lights - Papua New Guinea
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Since 2009, Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic has been engaged in the promotion and sales of LED street lamps, LED floodlights and solar street lamps at home and abroad. We have met a beautiful island country - Papua New Guinea.

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Papua New Guinea is an island country in the western South Pacific and the second largest country in Oceania. Rich in natural resources, especially the development of solar energy resources, and a large variety of crops. Papua New Guinea is a large agricultural country with agriculture as its main focus. Therefore, in such an underdeveloped agricultural country, the use of solar energy and the installation and use of solar street lights are particularly important.

In recent years, Kaich Optical & Electronic has repeatedly received solar streetlight enquiries from customers in Papua New Guinea, and local customers have a particularly strong demand for solar street lamps. They make full use of the local resource advantages, combined with the solar streetlight system configured by Kaich Optical & Electronic according to their local sunshine hours and application sites, which saves the cost of laying cables and solves many problems such as rugged roads and remote areas.

Kaich Optical & Electronic' solar street light system is a reasonable system designed and configured according to customers' specific needs. It provides convenience for customers in many countries and regions overseas, and fully utilizes natural resources---solar energy, which is environmentally friendly and practical. Choose solar street light system, please find Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


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