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Installation steps of solar lamp pole

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Installation steps of solar lamp pole
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Shandong kaich company specializes in the development and production of solar street lamps. It is also very valuable to the construction of solar street lamp pole. After all, a professional manufacturer and construction manufacturer are still very professional. Customers may wish to make a reference when they do the construction of solar street lamps.

Installation steps of solar lamp pole

1, bar body and arm on the ground neatly, the rod body flange on base cage.

2, The  cables should be worn out along the bar and cross arm, and the allowance should be reserved at the cross arm head.

3, Connected with a fastening piece  rod body and arm fastening, installation pole cap.

4, crane bar body lift, and the cross arm head tie a line on the ground, need to install artificial adjustment arm.

5, The rod body base flange to sit cage flange on the installation seat, fastening screws.

6, we use the horizontal ruler to measure the sag of the bar, and adjust the sag of the bar repeatedly between the two lanes, so that the rod stays perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

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