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Improve rural road lighting, solar street lights play a role

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Improve rural road lighting, solar street lights play a role
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With the acceleration of the development of new towns and the rapid development of road energy-saving renovation, the demand for solar street lamps for rural road energy-saving renovation has gradually increased. With the support of government policies, the lighting of solar street lights has become an important trend in rural road lighting.

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In order to better realize the standardization of rural road lighting, how should solar street light manufacturers promote the rural lighting standardization process when installing solar street lamps?

First of all, solar street light manufacturers should coerciveness detect the basic performance of solar street lights, such as size, photoelectric characteristics, interfaces, etc., to prevent solar street lights from appearing major defects in road lighting.

The second is to realize the standardization and modularization of the lighting components and realize the unified management of the entire components.

In addition, in the installation process of solar street lamps, solar street light manufacturers should strengthen standardization management and promote the cost optimization and application of solar street lamps in design.

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