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How to maintain solar street lights, Kaich Optoelectronics will teach you

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How to maintain solar street lights, Kaich Optoelectronics will teach you
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It is June, and the temperature in most parts of the country is rising, and most parts of the north have entered a fiery summer. Lively night activities are also on the stage, such as barbecues, square dancing, night running, night markets, and noisy children. At this time, a good lighting environment provides a lot of convenience. Solar street lamp lighting is playing an increasingly important role in outdoor lighting because of its convenient construction and not being troubled by mains wiring. However, because many people don’t know much about solar street lighting, various problems often arise during use. . How to maintain solar street lights during use?

How to maintain solar street lights, Kaich Optoelectronics will teach you

First of all, a common problem is the lack of battery power. Shandong Kaichuang Optoelectronics, as a manufacturer specializing in the production and installation of solar street lights, we have recently received relevant inquiries. The reason why solar street lights do not light up is mostly due to power loss. The battery power loss may be due to excessive use time and normal wear and tear; it may also be caused by the construction party’s cutting corners during the original construction; or the quality of the product that the consumer bought at the beginning of the product in order to buy the product is not too hard; or the installation location is not too good. Reasonable, the green plants cover it, so there is a loss of electricity. At this time, it is generally sufficient to replace the battery with a new one or cut off the green plants to cover.

Secondly, with the increase of rain in summer, the street lights have water ingress. Now the waterproof level of street lights is above IP65. There is no problem with normal outdoor use. However, it is not ruled out that water leakage caused by improper use and installation or poor quality of some manufacturers' products, resulting in The street lamp does not light up, it is generally necessary to replace the street lamp at this time.

Third, damage to other accessories. In summer, there are many situations such as strong winds or heavy rains, and we often see the phenomenon of street light poles tilting to the ground on the road. As a whole system of solar street lights, it is normal for accessories to be damaged due to various reasons during use. , At this time, professional maintenance and inspection personnel are required to investigate the cause.

If you encounter the above problems, you can call Kaichuang Optoelectronics and we will serve you wholeheartedly. If you need to install solar street lights or circuits, you can also call Kaichuang Optoelectronics, the integrity unit, and quality assurance.

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