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How to choose the appropriate LED Street light?

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How to choose the appropriate LED Street light?
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With the develop speed up of city and countryside, the pace of rural urbanization construction, the city street light application is become more and more. There are different kinds of lights, how to choose a LED street light suitable for the current road conditions and the surrounding environment has become a problem for the builders.

Secondly, from the power supply in the way we can be divided into the old street lamp transformation and new construction, remolding old lamp because just replace the lamp, and street lamp other relevant supporting facilities are already have, grid lamp is our best choice, if a new street light, all supporting facilities should be redone, so we see if built the road for the city's main artery.

How to choose the appropriate LED Street light?

Finally, from the price into consideration, the mains street lamp, solar street lamps upfront investment is large, but not with the late fees, and there will be electricity grid street lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, LED street lamp, initial investment is large, but LED to higher energy-saving rate and stability, show great advantages in the later work.

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