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How much is the solar street lamp?How much does the price of the lamppost affect the street light?

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How much is the solar street lamp?How much does the price of the lamppost affect the street light?
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How much is the solar street lampHow much does the price of the lamppost affect the street light?

As a street lamp manufacturer, many times we will receive advice from customers. How much is your solar street lamp?The solar street lamp is a whole system, which includes the panel, led light source, battery, controller and light pole.Today, we will introduce the impact on the price of solar street lamp from the light pole.

In the whole solar street lamp system, you may feel that the most unskilled is the lamppost, but in fact the most vulnerable indeed is the lamp pole.All kinds of traffic accidents, man-made damage and inclement weather can cause damage to the lamp posts and thus affect the work of the whole system.

The main effect of the lamp is the size and shape of the lamp, different height, diameter, wall thickness and so on.This is easy to understand. 5M is not the same as 8M.The diameter of 25cm is different from that of 40cm in diameter.The same height light pole, some lamp pole wall thickness is 2.75mm have a lot of 3.75 mm, the price is different certainly, this also is very easy to understand.The same height, the shape is different, the price is different, this is also very easy to understand.

Second is the material is different, have a plenty of high quality stainless steel, have a plenty of common stainless steel, some even are iron, and have a plenty of aluminium material is different, the price of the light pole also.

Third, the processing technology is different.Generally, the light post on the market are made of the bending welding of Q235 steel plate. After welding, it will be galvanized and then sprayed.Galvanized is generally divided into hot galvanizing and electricity galvanizing two kinds of wages, hot galvanizing because the coating is even firm and the price is slightly higher, the higher the zinc content, the higher the price.After galvanizing, it will be sprayed and the quality and thickness of the plastic powder will also affect the price.

The fourth is the packaging that completes, the lamp pole is not easy to transport, the transport process is very easy to appear collision and damage, the package is in the light pole transportation to play a very important left and right.Some of them are not packed directly, some are packaged with bubble wrap, some are reinforced with wool felt cloth, some will be fixed with wood and reduce the damage to the lamppost.Different packaging prices will also be quite different.

In the end, we are shandong kaich company for street lamps production enterprise, we prefer to explain for price for a while, don't want to explain a lifetime for quality, hope every friend in choosing a solar street lamp can polish eyes, choose the right street lamp.