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High-power LED honeycomb module street lights meet higher lighting requirements

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High-power LED honeycomb module street lights meet higher lighting requirements
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As a new favorite of outdoor lighting, LED street lights have been appointed by many customers. Many cities and regions have started to widely use LED street lights in road lighting projects to replace traditional lights such as high pressure sodium lights and metal halide lights.

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Road lighting with high pressure sodium light has 150W, 250W, 400W, even 1000W and other high power, in the city's main traffic road lighting plays an important role.Many government departments or street light management departments will have some doubts when replacing these high-power street lights, and they are very concerned about the heat dissipation and service life of high-power LED street lights.

Shandong Kaich Optical & Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. as an enterprise specializing in LED outdoor lighting products, has always been committed to the production of high-quality lighting products to meet customers' different lighting needs. The LED honeycomb module street light developed by the company can realize the free combination of 2-6 modules, and the power of 60-360w is optional.

The light shell is made of ADC12 aluminum die-cast, and the light body adopts the patented honeycomb structure, which is more conducive to the heat conduction of the light source, the flow of hot and cold air, and the better heat dissipation effect of the light shell.The lens is made of patented glass material developed by ourselves. Various light distribution can effectively meet the different lighting requirements of customers, and the illumination uniformity and brightness of the whole light are significantly improved.The top cover adopts the hollow out design, which is conducive to the convection of hot and cold air and good heat dissipation of the light.

Moreover, the large power warehouse design of this light can accommodate LED power supply, intelligent controller, optical sensor and other accessories, so as to achieve better intelligent control, adjust the light power according to the traffic flow and flow of people, reduce the light configuration, save cost and budget, better realize the reasonable use of resources, and increase the service life of the light.

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