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Do you really choose LED street lights?

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Do you really choose LED street lights?
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LED lighting products usually think of how big the wattage is, the power consumption is not high, and the lights are not on. These concepts of common sense have influenced the correct choice of LED lamps. The wattage and brightness are not necessarily equal. The brightness of the lamp depends on the luminous efficiency, referred to as the light effect.

The important part of LED street light products is the LED light source, and its performance directly affects the overall performance of the product. In the LED light source, in addition to power and light efficiency, there are many important performance indicators "luminous flux" "color temperature" "color rendering index" "light decay".

Kaichuang takes high light efficiency as the research and development direction, adjusts the high-efficiency conversion of electric energy, and truly realizes energy saving on the premise of ensuring the use effect. Paying attention to the quality of LED street lighting products and ensuring the advancement of technology are the constant ideas of Kai chuang Company.

Do you really choose LED street lights

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