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Correctly configure a set of suitable solar street lights

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Correctly configure a set of suitable solar street lights
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The solar street light system is a comprehensive system, which requires close cooperation between various components, and also has certain requirements on the performance of each component. If the component performance mismatch will cause the failure of the entire solar street lamp system, then how to solve one Is the solar system not working due to the matching of component parameters?


The followingcombines an example to illustrate:The test lights up after the installation is complete, and the system does not work properly after a while.

1. From the nameplate description, the specification of the lithium battery system is 12V, and the charging current should be less than 10A.The battery board used by the customer is a 24V system battery board. Because the open circuit voltage is 36V, the voltage parameter exceeds the voltage of the lithium battery system controller.
2, the customer uses the battery board for two 190W battery board parallel structure, the total capacity is 380W, the charging current is far greater than 10A, causing the lithium battery system controller to be damaged. Due to the damage of the charging function of the lithium battery system, the system cannot be charged. Therefore, after a period of time, the system cannot be lit normally due to a loss of power.

Return the lithium battery system, replace the charge controller, and check the performance status of the lithium battery.The battery board adopts 12V system battery board, the open circuit voltage is about 18V, and the maximum total power of the battery board is ≤150W, which is less than the maximum charging current of the controller.

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