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Common problems and solutions in the installation of solar led street lights

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Common problems and solutions in the installation of solar led street lights
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Solar led street lights convert sunlight energy into electrical energy, so the more natural light is irradiated, the better, and the greater the storage capacity of the battery. However, many users cannot fully perform their functions due to improper installation. Today we will take a look at the installation problems and solutions of solar led street lights:

solar led street lights

1: The solar panel is blocked

Solar led street lamp photovoltaic panels absorb sunlight during the day, convert the light energy into electrical energy and then store it. At night, the stored electrical energy can be used for lighting. If the solar panel is installed and blocked by other materials, the light is not enough and it cannot be converted enough. Electricity, then there may not be enough electricity for night lighting. When this happens, you can trim the obstructions around the solar led street light photovoltaic panel so that there is no obstruction directly opposite to ensure that it can receive more than 6 hours of light per day.

2: The orientation angle of the photovoltaic panel is incorrect

If the solar street light photovoltaic panel is not facing the direction of the sun, it will affect the use of light energy by the photovoltaic panel and reduce the charging efficiency of the battery. In this case, when installing, you need to determine the orientation of the photovoltaic panel first, and then install it. Generally, you can face the south, and the angle of 30°~45° to the south of the sun is the best. Adjust according to the actual environment.

3: There are interference from other light sources around

The solar led street light will automatically light up at night through the intelligent control of the program. If there is a strong light source nearby, it may cause the led solar street light to misjudge the time and fail to light up. In this case, you can eliminate other strong light interference, or modify the intelligent control to time control.

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