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Chinese solar street light manufacturer Kaichuang Optoelectronics

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Chinese solar street light manufacturer Kaichuang Optoelectronics
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There are many manufacturers of solar street lamps in China,The fierce market competition makes every enterprise frugal in pursuit of development. Shandong Kaichuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. spoke with high-quality street lamp products and won the popularity of the market.

The company focuses on the R&D, production and installation of outdoor lighting fixtures such as led street lights and solar street lights.Without the technology of the same industry, it is impossible to produce good street lamp products. The development of Shandong solar street lamps is relatively late. Although the state strongly supports the development of high-efficiency energy-saving industries, enterprises need more development if they want to develop faster.

The research and development of solar street lamp technology is a matter that Shandong Kaichuang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to. The company has a professional research team, and the annual investment in product research and development is very large, which accounts for a large proportion of the company's overall investment. This is also a lot of peers. Can't compare, so the company's new products launched every year are deeply recognized by customers, and customers have greater selectivity.


As a regular solar street lamp manufacturer, the company is based on the principle of product quality first, focusing on the interests of customers, and providing customers with high-quality street lighting and high-quality product engineering services. High-quality lighting products, and the company has a lot of experience in the construction of street lighting projects.

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