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Chinese LED solar street light manufacturer Kaich Optoelectronics

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Chinese LED solar street light manufacturer Kaich Optoelectronics
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In the dark night, you want to see a bright light; in the long journey of life, you want a bright guiding light, and everyone is full of expectations for the light. Walking on the small roads in the country, if there is a bright street lamp, it will make you forget your inner worries and fears, and can illuminate your way forward.

Nowadays, there are so many manufacturers of solar street lights in the market. Finding a regular manufacturer has become a problem for customers in need. Many things can't just look at the surface, but the quality of the product is more important!

Chinese LED solar street light manufacturer

In July 2016, Kaich installed a number of solar garden lights in a village in the township. Because the scale of the villa is not too large, the number of installations is not too many, more than dozens of sets. The solar garden lights installed by Kaich for villages are 3.4 meters high, 20 watts of power, and 6 hours of lighting time. During the on-site survey in August 2021, dozens of sets of garden lights all turned on normally and were in operation. Good, without any faults.

When many customers choose products, the first thing they consider is the price, without considering the quality, there will be a lot of troubles in the later period. Therefore, it is very important to choose a regular street lamp manufacturer!

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