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Advantages of LED module street light product

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Advantages of LED module street light product
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The LED module street light is a multi-functional LED lamp based on modular and flexible design. It forms a module street light  through several unit modules, and the number of categories or categories between individual modules can be reconstituted into more than ten new ones. Styles of street lamps use different numbers or types of modules according to different road types,  It has the characteristics of low development cost and freely customized shape.

Advantages of LED module street light product

Advantages of modular  LED street light product:Because it is a standardized product, it can realize large-scale production at a large scale, and the cost can be directly reduced.The modular lamps are waterproof from the design source, and the terminals, plugs and aprons are designed according to IP67.The modularized lamps realize the standardization and unification of spare parts, and the on-site maintenance and maintenance is convenient and quick, which makes the maintenance of street lamps easier and the maintenance cost is lower.

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